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  • Offices
    Offices Acoustic Panels are the best way to provide a relaxing low noise level in a busy room full of patients or clients.
  • Restaurants
    Restaurants When used with accent lighting or complimentary colors, our panels can bring life to any room.
  • Large Areas
    Large Areas Acoustic Panels can be used for more than just sound dampening. They are a great source of art too!
  • Residential
    Residential Our panels will create a quieter & more pleasant living space for you and those around you.
  • Bar & Lounge
    Bar & Lounge Jack's Bar is a popular place for quality drinks and atmosphere. Our acoustic panels bring a sense of control to the noise generated inside.

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Acoustical Material Distributors, Inc. carries acoustical products for soundproofing, soundproof, acoustical treatment, sound treatment, sound absorption, sound damping or sound dampening for any application. Products we carry consists of acoustical wall panels, acoustical ceiling panels, acoustical ceiling clouds, acoustical baffles, sound barriers, acoustical foam panels, acoustical bass traps and more. Our customers consist of churches, religious facilities, preschools, daycare, elementary schools, high schools, junior high schools, middle schools, colleges, universities, preparatory schools, gyms and gymnasiums, aquatic and swimming pool facilities, auditoriums, libraries, sporting stadiums and arenas, recording studios, symphony halls, concert halls, music halls, restaurants, cafeterias, food courts, malls, shopping centers, food processing and manufacturing environments,   manufacturing plants, offices, board rooms, hospitals, military and government facilities, parking garage, equipment rooms, casinos, police interview rooms, home theaters or movie theatres and much more.